October 2013
Libby Reuter and Joshua Rowan
Florida and C street
St. Louis, MO
N38.639668 W090.182289

The title and the shape of Checking Starboard comes from its relationship to an earlier Cairn that was located across the river in Illinois. If you were boating down the Mississippi River, the Checking the Port Cairn’s site at America’s Central Port in Illinois would be on the port (left) side, and this in Missouri would be on the right, or starboard side. The “star” in the title also has another meaning in this piece. The seven individual cairn sculptures are placed in the shape of the Big Dipper constellation with the Dippers’ bowl pointing north to the Checking the Port site. Most of the time, Illinois is east of Missouri, but because of the bend in the Mississippi just north of downtown St. Louis, Illinois is north at this point.
Checking Starboard was installed as part of the annual Artica celebration October 12 and 13, 2013