Libby Reuter and Joshua Rowan
June 2013
Falling Springs Road and Highway #3
Dupo, Illinois
N38.530602 W090.185135

Beautiful waterfalls exist only in remote or exotic places, right? Not true. Falling Springs is right here in Metro St. Louis. It falls from the limestone bluffs that parallel Highway 3, north of the city of Dupo,* Illinois. The water comes from a spring on the bluffs above the falls and the entire Prairie Du Pont* Creek watershed. (*“Dupo” is the English form of “Du Pont,” the name given to the area by early French settlers.) The upper part of the Prairie Du Pont watershed drains the land where residential developments are replacing agricultural land as far east as Millstadt, Illinois. The bluffs are owned by an active quarry business, and the water falls on private property.

You can drive down Falling Springs Road through a neighborhood of small homes to see these falls from the road. Falling Springs was a popular picnic site in Victorian times, then home to a conservation clubhouse, which later became a tavern. The bar is permanently closed, and the property’s owners seek to protect the falls.

This 2008 video (by others) on YouTube illustrates the beauty of this waterfall.