January 2016
St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley
Ferguson, Missouri
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Pink: A Fable

Far away in a distant galaxy, there was a magical Pink Planet. Looking through a telescope, you could see that something pink covered most of the planet’s surface.
Every plant and animal on this planet needed this pink stuff to live. In fact, the people were walking, talking bags of Pink. They had big, mostly pink brains, but that didn’t help them think about their planet.

Because they had so much Pink, people didn’t even think about it. They used Pink to make more and more new stuff. This made some of the Pink turn from its normal light red color into Puce, an odd yellow-green. People couldn’t use the Puce, but they didn’t care. They said things like, “We have all the Pink we’ll ever need,” and “There’s no Puce on my land.” They forgot that all the Pink, even when it becomes puce-colored, is connected to all the other Pink. They didn’t know that there was only a certain amount of Pink on the planet. It moved in a Pink-cycle, like a big circle, falling to the ground where the wind picked it up and blew Pink dust back into the sky so it could fall as Pink again.

One day, everything changed. There were many more people to share the Pink. There was a lot of Puce, and Puce made the people sick. More problems happened when no Pink fell in some parts of the planet, and too much Pink flooded other places.

Then, the Pink People woke up and started to “Think Pink.” To protect the Pink in their neighborhoods, they scooped-up pet poop and purchased non-plastic-packaging. They picked up trash, pedaled, and paddled in Pink Parks. People produced “Proud of Pink” and “Reduce the Puce!” posters, parading in pink hats to raise money for Pink preservation. They passed laws that protected Pink on public and private property because they finally remembered that all Pink is connected. Preserving Pink in everyone’s neighborhood resulted in a very happy ending for the Planet Pink.

Pretty soon, Puce was on its way out, and there was enough Pink for all the people.