Libby Reuter and Joshua Rowan
January 2013

St. Stanislaus Conservation Area
Old Charbonier Rd. Hazelwood, Missouri
N38.814034 W090.394707

A riparian buffer is an area of trees and grasses near a stream, that shades the water and slows down run-off from adjacent land. The roots of the plants, like the tree roots visible here at Charbonier Creek anchor the banks of the stream. Healthy riparian buffers improve the quality of water in our streams by filtering out pollutants and limiting erosion. The Cairn Riparian was created from translucent white-glass lamp parts purchased from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and vases from area thrift stores. Photographed in the day’s last light, Riparian represents our desire to protect and enhance all St. Louis’ riparian buffers.