Libby Reuter and Joshua Rowan
June 2014
600 Loughborough Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri
N38.555256 W090.257417

Positioned over the drain in an empty swimming pool at the historic Carondelet YMCA, a red- and clear-glass Cairn supports a repurposed EXIT lamp, with a drinking glass on the top. The word EXIT has been replaced with the letters RIVR to remind us that the water we use in our homes, businesses, and swimming pools comes from the river and will return to the river. Water to this 1926 recreational facility comes from the City of St. Louis’ Bissell water treatment facility, located on the Mississippi River in north St. Louis, near the Chain of Rocks Bridge. The water drained from the pool, toilets, and sinks travels to the Metropolitan Sewer Waste Treatment plant in south St. Louis, near the River City Casino and the River des Peres.

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