January 2015
Devil’s Prop Nature Preserve
East Beal Road, near Tolle Lane
Between Texico and Harmony, Illinois
N38.420392 W088.840353

Still Blue’s title was suggested by the tranquility of this rocky, wooded, and moss-covered natural area. The stillness was broken only by the sound of melting water as it gurgled into the ground beneath the frozen waterfalls. Occasionally, one of those massive icicles broke free from the rocky cliff and crashed, rumbling the ground under our feet.

Still Blue also reminds us that this amazing natural setting is a remnant of the local landscape as it was before the European settlers arrived in the 1800s. Devil’s Prop Nature Preserve permanently saves this land for public use because of the landowner’s voluntary participation in the Illinois Nature Preserves System. In the 1960s, the Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act (INPC) was created to conserve areas with rare plants, animals, or other unique features. The program is now a national model, and more than a dozen states have followed its lead. In 1992, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro recognized INPC as an “efficient and effective model of how to provide long-term protection for high quality natural areas.”
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