January 2015
Devil’s Prop Nature Preserve
East Beal Road near Tolle Lane
Between Texico and Harmony, Illinois
N38.420392 W088.840353

In his 1963 report Some Unusual Natural Areas in Illinois and a Few of Their Plants, Robert A. Evers addressed Devil’s Prop. He wrote, “At one place the small stream flows through a narrow, V-shaped ravine. In some places, the sandstone of the steep sides is exposed and in other places covered with a thin layer of soil. Much of the steep slopes is covered with a growth of mosses, including hairy-cap moss. On the less steep slopes and on the floor of the widest portions of the ravine grows a deciduous forest; black gum, northern red oak, bitternut hickory, shadbush, white oak, and hop hornbeam are some of the tree species. Wild hydrangea and winged sumac are common shrubs in this forest.” Because the owner voluntarily contracting to protect the land in perpetuity, Mr. Ever’s 50-year-old description of a rich variety of mosses and trees is accurate today.