June 11, 2016
Near the Leech Lake Dam, on the Leech Lake reservation and within the Chippewa
National Forest and the town of Federal Dam, Minnesota.
47° 15’ 03” N
94° 13’ 17” W
Elevation 1297

The “ground” on which the cairn rests is essentially a raft of grasses growing from a thick layer of moss and decaying plants floating on 1 – 4 feet of brackish water. Because this cairn is made up of several pieces carefully balanced on one another and the ground was soft and sank under the installer’s feet when she moved, stabilizing it was tricky.
History of the area from the Army Corps website: Leech Lake Dam is located on the Leech Lake River at the outlet of Leech Lake. It is 27 miles above the junction of the Leech Lake River and the Mississippi River. Construction began in 1882; the dam was the second to be built in the Headwaters reservoir system. It was put into operation in 1884. The riverbanks are about 3,500 feet apart at the dam site, the largest span in the